Northest point of New Zealand!

Cape Reinga
Cape Reinga

So, the night in our hostel was soooo amazing!!
It was like the first night here in New Zealand where I actually could sleep a night, without waking up!
We went to Cape Reinga at about 10 AM, arrived there at 11 AM or so, and it was raining so much, I really couldn't get a proper picture there!
But being there, standing there at the northest point... the view (even tho it was storming so badly) was looking so astonishing I felt like, there is going to be a summon for a sea monster in a few seconds!
So, Julian and I then decided to go for a jog, and yeah, I was pretty much exhausted in a few minutes (because it went up)


At the way down, we found two people, from germany aswell, and we decided to take them with us down to Auckland, Emily and Marco.
Then, well, we actually drove all the way down to Auckland again, and it took us about 7 hours or so, to actually arrive in our hostel.
I was looking for so many hostels while we were driving, it was such a pain to actually find a place for four people because a lot of placed has been already booked because its actually weekend now and yeah...
But we found one place, the "Freeman Backpackers".
Julian is leaving to Australia tomorrow, pretty sad about that, we sure had a great time together! :)
Now, well, sitting in my hostel, drinking wine and edit some pictures!
I probably think that I will go in town with Emily and Marco tomorrow, after Julian left :)

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