Fletscher Bay


The day started pretty early, we drove up to the "Fletscher Bay" at about 

9 AM, I couldn't get to make myself breakfast, so I just grabbed an apple and a banana,
some juice and we started to go to the "Fletscher Bay".

I drove with Vicky and Julian, and it sure was a very bumpy road.

Driving into pretty much the middle of nowhere was sure scary.

Nothing, just green grass and mountains, some cows some sheeps, thats it.

The way to "Fletscher Bay" sure was very long, we started at 9 AM and arrived there at 2 PM.

The nature was so astonishing, like I couldn't acutally believe my eyes, because the water was looking so surreal, so did the grass, so green and so different to germany, but it was so awesome!

We then arrived at the "Fletscher Bay", the northest part from the North Coromandel part from New Zealand, and it was looking like paradise.

We then walked up the mountain, just go go for a little hike

and then we found a beach, where noone was!

A wonderful beach with black/silver sand and colorful warm water and an astonishing view!

Only three people for a long wonderful beach, I mean imagine that?!

We also played "Tic-Tac-Toe" on the beach like in a huuuge size, 

you could see it from the top of the mountain haha!

So we drove back at maybe 4 PM, so first we went to Coromandel,

to get some patrol and something to eat.

There was this one burger shop were we had some really nice burger

it sure was something different compared to "german burgers".

So we arrived at Whitianga at about 6 PM, we got our stuff we left there

at the hostel, and we started to drive to "Whangarei" pretty much very high in the north from New Zealand.

So we actually drove through Auckland (even tho I wanted to avoid the city), but the nightlife from Auckland, from the distance, was so astonishing, 

you really need to see that one for sure!

So pretty much 6 hours of driving up to "Whangarei" we arrived at about 12 PM, we got ourselfs a "Late-Night-Check-In", so we could easily get to our room without staying up the whole night.

It sure was an very exhausting day, sitting in the car, and walking up that mountain, but it was so wonderful to the the coast from up here, that is an imagine I sure won't get out of my head, and Im looking forward to acutally see some more stuff.

Tomorrow we are going to "Cape Reinga" and we also wanted to go "Sandboarding", let's see if that actually works out! :)

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