Cathedrale Cove and Hot Water Beach

The day started pretty early, I woke up at 6 AM, even though my alarm was set to 6:45 AM, but yeah, I wanted to see the sunrise here in Whitianga.

I grabbed all my camera stuff, went down to the beach and realised, it was very windy!

My cap flew away, I ran like half a marathon to get it back haha!

I was talking to one my friends, showed her the sunrise here, 

while I was taking pictures!

Beautiful sunrise indeed!

After that I went to the Kitchen, made myself some coffee and got ready

to go out with Zach and Leona to go to the Cathedrale Cove!

Good thing is, that Zach has a car, so we could easily get to the Cove!

The first view on the sea was so astonishing, I couldn't believe my eyes

for a second!

Endless sea, mountains rising up in the distance, and a colorful blue sea!

But to get to the Cove, we needed to walk about 40 minutes.

Up and Down, my knee didn't like that at all!

When we arrived, I saw the Cove, and I was like wow, that thing is huge!

I didn't thought it would be this big! 

(please insert "That's what she said" joke here)

Taking some pictures, going for a swim, we then got up and drove

to the "Hot Water Beach".

Not long, maybe 15 minutes or so.

The "Hot Water Beach", a wonderful long beach, with beautiful sand and wonderful sea.

But the Hot Water Beach is known, well, you guessed it, for the "Hot Water".

People are digging holes with shovels, to "find the Hot Water".

And it sure as hell is "hot".

I saw one hole which was actually boiling, I stepped one found into it and was like "nope, not anymore".

But there sure have been "warmer pools" where you could sit in, 

it sure was something very special!

At about 2.30 PM Zach and Leona decided to go down to Rotorua, 

my way was going to the north, theirs to the south, so I decided to go "hitchhiking".

Hitchhiking in germany, unimaginable, here, makeable..?

The first car I showed my thumb to, actually stopped.

But well, they drove to a different city so yeah.

Keep on hitchhiking.

Then, 5 minutes later a woman took me with to the next crossstreet,

where I walked, and walked, and walked........

so many cars, just passing by....

for like 40 minutes I was walking to Whitianga, then a guy stopped by

and drove me to my hostel, pretty nice guy! :)

At my hostel, I went to the next supermarket, bought myself some stuff,

especially for breakfast, and some booze 

(I need to find out the new zealand alcohol haha)

Now, 18:45 PM, Im sitting in my dorm, realizing, I got sunburn on my shoulders ... yay...
(even tho I put suncream on)

Gotta make myself some food now.... feeling very hungry...!

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