First Town: Whitianga

Well I didn't write much yesterday, because I wasn't really doing anything.

I was sitting on my bed, was watching "BoJack Horseman" and cooled my knee,

so when I start my journey, my knee is cooperating.

While I was watching, I was thinking.... what city or town should I visit first?

I first wanted to go to "KeriKeri "Whangarei", pretty much both at the same place, but up in the North.

But I didn't want to go up, because, if I go back down, I need to go to Auckland again,
and I kinda wanted to flee from it for now.

I am here for the nature, mostly, so I decided to go to the east, to Whitianga.

I booked my bus, from Auckland to Thanes, to Whitianga.

But because God hates me, the weather today is so awful, it is raining so much I won't even wanna go out to the local supermarket to buy me some food, because I know, once im out for 5 minutes,
I will be completly wet.

While I was in Thanes, there have been a german couple, how I recognized?

Well they kissed each other obviously, and well, they talked german, so I had some company from Thanes to Whitianga.

The busride was very bumpy, we went through a forest, a massive forest, we have been in there for pretty much 2 hours or so, but because the weather was so "shitty" we could see anything spectacular from the forest, we could barley see like 20 Meters or so, because it was so foggy, pretty disappointing.

After a long and bumpy ride, I now arrived at the "YHA Whitianga Motel".

I really love the building, its so open and the windows are huge!

There is this one window, which I am actually sitting on right now, where you can sit down and watch directly onto the sea, I can't wait till tomorrow to see the sunrise!

The floor is pretty soft too, not like a "hard wood floor" it is kinda, soft and you feel that your feet is kind of going into the floor, very pleasant feeling to be honest.

Now, im sitting here, waiting until tomorrow that the rain moves past.

Tomorrow I want to hire a bike and write along the beach, maybe go to the "Cathedral Cove"
or to the "Hot Water Beach", or maybe both?

I shall see what the weather has to offer, but im sure am more excited then I was when I stayed in Auckland, because well, it was a city, not much nature around my hostel, and my knee didnt feel like moving.

Shitty weather, but im still positive!

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