Auckland, slowly getting used to it..

The day started pretty early, im still not you know into the whole New Zealand time..
I skyped with my best friend for like 1 hour or so... always love to see that face! :)
So I got to breakfast at 8 AM or so... 3 of my friends here decided to go to an Island near Auckland, 
but I wasnt quiet sure if my knee would handle a day trip for now, so I stayed, so did Valentin.
We went into town, he was looking for a car to buy, I was looking for an ANZ Bank which was open on Saturday, found one! 
Because I wanna leave town on Monday, I needed my bank account asap, so I got an appointment today at 4 PM.
I was kinda nervous tbh, cause a bank, in a different country? 

I was just scared to sign something I don't understand and which I might regret.
So at 4 PM I went to 45 Queen Street, where the ANZ Bank is located (about 20 minutes from my stay)

The woman I got was very friendly, she made me feel safe, but hey, it was a banker right?
So I got my bank account pretty quick, no "drumherum" just easy and quick.
I after that walked around the down, found some nice spots where I could take some pictures
and also a place where I could take a "nightsky photo" (It looks pretty cool I can say).
But yeah, I made some gnochi, with some mushroom creme, yeah.... low budget food.
Anything else special? hmm... can't recall really, it was an pretty nice day, but im pretty tired now!

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