Second Day in Auckland

I went to bed last night pretty early, it was about 7 PM or something.
The previous day has just been to long, and I couldn't keep my eyes open much longer...

I woke up at about 5 AM this time, I realized, yeah, in Germany it is 5 PM, so I could contact 

some of my friends.
I called one of my closest friends, told her how my day was, how im feeling about the whole situation, and asked how her day has been sofar.
It was weird, thinking about the fact, that it was 5 AM for me, and for her it was 5 PM..
I went to bed back, at about 6 AM or something, I can't recall anymore, and I woke up at about 8 AM??
And I got myself some breakfast, something to drink..
Toast with butter, strawberrygel type of things, some cereals, coffee and tea..
I think that was it yeah...

Something funny happend with the toast thingy...
Valentin, one the person I met here, was like "Can we actually toast that toast, cause it is so hard and frozen."

Then Madelen said : "no no, you have to eat it like that!" 
Valentin: "Well okay, I guess??..."
So I went into the kitchen found a toaster, and told him: "Yo Valentin, there is a toaster here!"
Valentin: "Oh well, I already put butter on my frozen toast, gotta eat it like that I guess."
Funny stories in the morning I guess! :D

So after that, we went to IEP, got our general informations about pretty much everything we need to know about like, what possibilities you have to work, how to drive by bus train etc., what kind of places to visit, you know, a typical information event.

Then we got our New Zealand SIM Card, *wuuushh* *dramatic music*
Setting up my card sure was an interesting adventure.
I could set up my card pretty individually, so I now can post stuff while I am on the go!
But my phone kinda fucked up my contacts, I had 300 contacts and now it kind of decreased
to about 100 because the numbers didnt synth properly, so sorry some people, dont have your numbers anymore :P.
After that we went to eat some sushi, damn I love the sushi here its sooo good!
We went to the supermarket and bought some groceries, for our dinner tonight! :)
Some rice, some mushroom creme as creme and something to drink.
Now, im sitting on my bed, and relax, cause it is so damn hot, I can't describe it.
Coming from germany, to here.... so unbelievable hot.....



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