Let's start a journey!

Before I tell you about my first day here in Auckland, I wanna take you back, to the recent days..

The weekend was so chaotic!
Hanging out with my closest friends, was what I needed and what I was desiring the most!
We had a amazing time and sadly, because I was to drunk, I hurt my knee, which makes the trip a, lets say... more difficult start then expected!
After all, great time with my friends!
On Monday, the farewells to my close friends was pretty emotional, I honestly tried to hold my tears back, but you know, not that easy!
On Tuesday, my parents drove me to my train, then I went to Munich to catch my flight to Doha!
In Doha I must say, I was pretty amazed, the atmosphere the amount of people and being pretty much alone 
was not easy for me at the beginning!
Once I was on the second flight to Auckland, I meet one girl who is also going with the same company as I am!
We pretty much started to talk right away, and yeah, spented the day together here in Auckland!
The flight was okay, I guess, planes right?

Pretty long, not that cozy, but okay.

We arrived in Auckland at about 5 AM, the first thing that I noticed was the thing, that they drive on the LEFT SIDE, WHY, OMG, I was like, GUUUYS..... wrong side!!
The second thing was, once we got of the bus, there was this one street, it was going down so steep, I never saw something like that ever before!
And now? We, well  Julia and I am waiting for our room to get cleaned, we are here since 5 AM gotta wait until 2 PM!
I just wanna layback, and relax, but I guess, it will take a few more hours until I can!
Oh and, the first thing I bought, was RED BULL, yeah...
The checkout prettymuch was different to me too!
They are rounding the amount of money, I like it, but it was different, compared to germany..
Oh and I ate Sushi Rolls, was really good!
The first day here in Auckland was pretty okay, but waiting for my room, for like 9 hours?! thats the thing that just made it "okay."

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